Test Paper
Practice timed tests unlimited times in a simulated test environment.
Practice previous year GATE papers and model papers based on the latest GATE pattern.
Feature rich online exam platform provides you with a unique learning experience.
Solutions with detailed explanations.
Detailed answer key with topic, question type, mark and answer for all questions.
  Self Assessment
Reports and charts to evaluate your performance in each test.
Rankings, Score and Percentile for each test to compare your performance with other GATE aspirants.
Time analysis, Question-wise analysis and Topic-wise analysis for each test.
  Short Notes
Comprehensive and concise summary notes to refresh your subject knowledge.
Summary notes contains fundamental concepts, important formulae, diagrams and tips.
Provides a quick and convenient way to revise what you have already studied.
Track your progress all in one place.
Graphical representation of usage pattern.
User Account details.
Information brochures.
Useful tips and tricks.
Previous papers analysis



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